Curator of individual and collective exhibitions in Latinamerica, Spain and United States.

Individual exhibition of Johann Ryno de Wet
Cámara Oscura Gallery, Madrid, and Pulse Fair, New York (finalist of the Impulse prize)
september-november 2012 and may 2013


These snapshots capture the “after”, the post-world, and make us face our greatest fear: the end, the death. A reality that accompanies us every day, consciously or unconsciously. A fear that the artist decides to deal with by undertaking this internal investigation through an exercise of introspection.

“Underland” suggests what is beneath, concealed, hidden. The anguish we voluntarily cover up. Signs of the expiry of the planet that we want to avoid, the threat of a catastrophe, either natural or artificial. The buildings looming above the clouds, the mysterious stuff that rests under a dirty blanket.

Thanks to his mastery of photographic technique, the distribution of elements in the landscape and the compositional balance Ryno de Wet is able to realize his dreams on a two-dimensional frame. We are invited to enter into them and share the feelings he has experienced with his eyes closed. Whether we like it or not, they are shared and common sensations.


914074_10151465808229542_523325526_o City Crane Island 02 Storm