History and practice of the curatorial work

At present: Titular teacher of the course "History and practice of the curatorial" in Desarrollo University, Chili. Titular teacher of the course "Art Critic" at Católica University, The Institute of Art of Valparaíso, Chili.

Course about the major international exhibitions of contemporary art, exhibition history and present analysis. Main issues to be considered to pose a curatorship.

Domestic Guests (Temporary Gallery, Local, Camilo Yáñez) and internacional (Pablo León de la Barra) gave master classes for the course.

The evaluation was performed to assess a practical exercise in which students posed a curatorial exercise with objects and pieces found at home or on the street, and the design in a pdf of an invented curatorship.

Course developed in the second half of 2013 (assessment of students to the course: 6.7 out of 7), and planned for the second half of 2014.